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An Introduction to EMC Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)

Free 1 hour webinar on EMC's Data Science Associate (EMCDSA) course.


In this free 1 hour webinar, you'll get an insight into EMC's Data Science Associate (EMCDSA) course - one of the world's leading data-related courses.

Through the EMCDSA course, you'll get the knowledge and skills to produce advanced analytics methods and use big data analytics tools to participate in your business' projects. 

For more information, check our EMCDSA course page.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Big Data Analytics
    • Big Data Overview
    • State of the Practice in Analytics
    • The Data Scientist
    • Big Data Analytics in industry verticals
  • Module 2: The Data Analytics Lifecycle
    • Discovery
    • Data Preparation
    • Model Planning
    • Model Building
    • Communicating results
    • Operationalising
  • Module 3: Review of Basic Data Analytic methods Using R
    • Introduction to R
    • Analysing and Exploring the Data
    • Statistics for Model Building and Evaluation
  • Module 4: Advanced Analytics - Theory and Methods
    • K-Means Clustering
    • Association Rules
    • Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
    • Naïve Bayesian Classifier
    • Decision Trees
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Text Analysis
    • Advanced Analytics - Technologies and Tools
    • Analytics for Unstructured Data: MapReduce and Hadoop
    • The Hadoop Ecosystem
    • In-database Analytics - SQL Essentials
    • Advanced SQL and MADlib for In-database Analytics
  • Module 5: The Endgame, or Putting it All Together
    • Operationalising an Analytics Project
    • Creating the Final Deliverables
    • Data Visualisation Techniques
    • Final Lab Exercise on Big Data Analytics

Expected outcomes

If this webinar has enticed you, check out our EMCDSA course page and get in touch with our expert consultants. 

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